Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss...

It's like that movie with Brad Pitt where the baby is born "old" and dies a baby around here. Button something... OH! The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! That's it! My children are geriatric. Dane is fine; although it could be said he suffers from Alzheimer's and is in his "constant motion" state of the disease. Sheridan is wearing Tuli's heel cups. If you aren't fortunate enough to know what these are, here is a website which sells them:'s-classic-heel-cups/ID=prod3945784-product. In short, Sheridan has Sever's Disease, not as "severe" as it sounds. Totally just an irritation to the heel with inflammation around the growth plate, etc... She'll grow out of it. Until then, she wears waffles in her shoes. Madeline came home last week with a note from the school nurse saying she was having leg and low back pain... after a trip to the doctor and scoliosis x-rays, yep. She has a mild case of scoliosis. It seems to me she is rather young to have this diagnosis at only ten; then again, she started her period in April. What do I know, I'm just a nurse. We are going to watch it and see what happens while doing some specific exercises to strengthen her back muscles. The dentist suggested swimming. Yes, the dentist. Elijah has also been complaining of what we thought was bone pain. He's now in physical therapy twice a week and out of football for the rest of the season due to bilateral MCL sprains, right hip slipping, and a left patellofemoral disorder. We thought that was all; however, after his initial PT consult we discovered he has no range of motion in his feet / ankles. This has resulted in a poor gait that has strained his knees and and is effecting him, literally, from the bottom up. The hip slippage is from, and I quote, "Weakness of the small butt muscles." Yes. That's what the therapist said about my gentle giant. The question is: Why, if they are starting out old, am I not getting younger!? Not cool. Instead, I am taking advantage of an earlier missed opportunity; I am going back to school. Again. Hello University of Cincinnati. Thank you for your gracious acceptance letter to your graduate program for nurse midwifery. I will gladly take you up on that offer and pray my friends, both near and far, do not commit me to a mental institution nor think me neglectful when I am not great at returning calls.

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